About Us

Arvan Design Group

After 28 years of joint activity under the name of Helpco, Arvan Design Group started its independent activity in the field of interior architecture engineering in 2007 as one of the companies covered by Helpco Holding.

Arvan’s goals are a systematic and conceptual approach to the category of architecture and the effects of using interior architecture in buildings created as a real need. The lack of sufficient specialized companies in the field of interior architecture and the lack of integration in interior architecture and architecture of many spaces in our country has been the consequence of lack of specialized attitude to the above categories, which clearly affects the architectural culture and imbalances. Able to see.

In this regard, Arvan Design Group intends to have a small but effective effect on improving the current situation and organizing this field of employment, in line with its central expertise and considering its social status.

Arvan Design Group transforms its designed achievements into modern works of art in the field of architecture by taking advantage of the modern world method and suitable and standard materials and with the procedures and instructions developed to be a confirmation of the implementation of the projects. This is done by efficient and well-rounded executive teams in the group of other companies of Helpco Holding. And depending on the production, the frameworks related to the designs are made of the best natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, leather, etc., as well as modern tactical materials such as composites, metal sheets, etc.

Arvan Design Group offers its achievements to all art lovers and companions of the path of development and evolution of architectural art.

Ramin Mohseni

Ramin Mohseni began his career as an artist architect in the late 1960s. The fruit of more than two decades of presence in the field of artistic architecture and its combination with academic studies in the field of mechanical engineering, architecture and MBA has led to the creation of special styles for Ramin Mohseni in the field of distinctive and luxurious architecture.

Having a group of talented, creative and efficient colleagues under the name of Arvan Design Group and Helpco Company has made it possible for Ramin Mohseni to turn his created experiences and methods of special artistic engineering into valuable architectural products and works.